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"It's like going from an abacus to ChatGPT with your trading"

Simple Recipe for profitability upon joining DIIO: commit to being present to a reasonable degree, commit to truly learning a new language (the language of capital multiplication and risk mitigation), commit to execution of concepts each week when conditions are conducive, commit to progress, evolution and growth from your mistakes. Do these things, and success is almost inevitable.

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We're currently onboarding our first phase of members. These members will get the white-glove service to ensure success on our platform. Members get locked in to the pricing tier which they join in.

PHASE 1 members $2,000/month

PHASE 2 members $2,250/month

PHASE 3 members $2,500/month

PHASE 4 members $3,000/month

NO contracts, and a 60 day money-back guarantee.

DIIO will be limited to 100 members total.